Ciao Bella Italia

Note: La Bella Italia has re-opened in the same location under the name Tuscany.

We have to say a final goodbye to Bella Italia/My Ultimate Tandoori. The Italian-cum-Indian restaurant, located at the old Pring’s building, tried hard, with multiple remodels and a change of focus, but its offerings were ultimately mediocre and the place was often empty. I’m actually it survived at long as it did. I’m also sorry, as the people who ran it were very nice.
Now a new restaurant has opened in its space. It’s called Bardelli’s and I haven’t tried it yet – just driven past it. I’ve also not found anything online about it – not even their phone number. But they have a big sign that says “open”, so I assume they are.
I don’t know when I’ll get to review it, so I’d appreciate any comments from anyone who goes there.
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