Taylor Farms Organic Salads @ Grocery Outlet – Review

Taylor Organic SaladsI have started buying Taylor Farms organic salad mix at Grocery Outlet and I’m quite satisfied with the product. The lettuces are always crisp and clear (they are triple washed) and taste fresh. They last for several days while stored in the plastic container they come in. At $2 for a 5-oz pack, they are a pretty good value. And they originate in Salinas, which means they are pretty local. In all, I’m quite happy with them.

My only complaint is that the packaging is made out of #7 plastic – not a particularly environmentally friendly product.

They have several salad mix choices at Grocery Outlet, I haven’t noticed a remarkable difference in taste.

*2013 Update*  According to an article on the New York Times, Taylor Farms has had an “unusual” number of voluntary recalls for tainted products. Of the 10 recalls since 2010, only the last one actually caused people to get sick.  Over 200 people contracted cyclosporiasis after eating at chain restaurants.  That’s a protozoan infection that is spread through feces.  I hope that Taylor Farms did not claim that the salads they sold to restaurants were “triple washed”.

It’s hard to know what to make of these recalls.  It may be that Taylor Farms is overly cautious. In a couple of cases the recalls were motivated by undisclosed ingredients rather than pathogens.

The last recall included companies other than Taylor.  Investigators are still trying to find how the pathogens made their way into products processed in different facilities.

The one thing that I’m sure of is that now that the New York Times featured this problem, Taylor is going to be even more careful.

I’ll still eat their salads.

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