Edwards Singles @ Grocery Outlet – Product Review

Edwards SinglesGrocery Outlet has been carrying Edward’s Singles for several weeks now. The cheap desserts consist of a dessert base which you heat up for a minute in the microwave, and a small cup of ice-cream with chocolate syrup/chips that you put on it. The ice cream melts on the hot dessert providing, working both as a cooling force and an antidote for the sweetness of the dessert.
Edwards Singles come with assorted bases. Grocery Outlet carries the molten chocolate lava cake, the chocolate chip cookie and the apple pie varieties. The apple pie is just OK, but the other two are delicious. I would never have expected such simple and cheap desserts to be so good, but they really are as good as something you’d get from a restaurant. The combination of the hot and cold, sweet and light, really works.
But the best part is that they are super cheap. A package of two desserts (and trust me, each portion is more than enough for a person) is only 50-cents now at Grocery Outlet. OK, that’s because they are a month passed their “best by” date – but I’m betting that there is still nothing wrong with them (I certainly haven’t gotten sick from the many I’ve eaten). Of course, the past-expiration-date issue means that they won’t be on the GO shelves for long, and really, I’m not sure how much past their expiration date I’d be willing to eat them, but for the time being the kids and I are enjoying them.
BTW, Grocery Outlet also carries Edwards Singles pie slices @ $1.50 per package. I haven’t given these a try.

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