Mama Lupe’s Cocina Mexican Restaurant – San Leandro – Review

The San Leandro Education Foundation, an organization that fundraises to support local school, has a new program called Eat Out for Education. On the first Wednesday of each month participating restaurants give 10% of sales to patrons who present an Eat Out coupon. This is a great opportunity to support both schools and local businesses at the same time.
This December we decided to go to Mama Lupe’s Cocina Mexican Restaurant in Washington Manor simply because I hadn’t been there before. Unfortunately the experience was less than stellar, and I don’t think we’ll be going back coupon or no coupon.
I should say at first, that my personal experience wasn’t too bad. I liked the chips and salsa and my chimichanga (basically a fried burrito) came with a wonderful green sauce, nicely citrusy and a bit piquant. The sauce almost made up for the fact that the chimichanga was 95% rice and only 5% beef. I could not believe how stingy they were with the meat, they might as well not include it at all.
Mike was not thrilled with his flautas, which he thought merely ordinary – but our friend Blaine was quite unhappy with his salad with grilled chicken. Alas, I don’t remember why.
Mika, my 7yo, really liked the rice and Camila, my 5yo, was OK with her quesadilla. They both really liked the Mexican hot chocolate, and I should buy some to make at home.
On the plus side, dinner was very cheap, less than $50 for 3 adults and 3 kids. Still, it wasn’t cheap enough to justify the mediocre food.
Mama Lupe’s Cocina Mexican Restaurant
15033 Farnsworth St
San Leandro, CA
(510) 483-4545
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