Scharffen Berger milk chocolate @ Grocery Outlet

sfb-cbmilk.jpgI’ve never been a big fan of Scharffen Berger because I’m not a fan of dark chocolate. Give me milk any time. Well, apparently Scharffen Berger has, unbeknown to me, been making milk chocolate for a while. Today I found their 3oz bars at Grocery Outlet here in San Leandro. The bars are $2 – they sell for $5 at Scharffen Berger’s website. Of course, these bars are close to expiration (January 2010), they were made at the Berkeley factory
which closed in January 2009.
Well, my verdict is that Scharffen Berger milk chocolate is (or was) by far the best milk chocolate I’ve ever tasted. The chocolate taste is very intense, it has layers of complexity and it’s just delicious. I imagine that Scharffen Berger will not/has not been able to keep its standards at the new factory – so I’ll probably hurry and buy a bunch of these bars at Grocery Outlet.

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