Peanut butter cookies

I am a bad mother. There is no denying it. Today I helped Mika make peanut butter cookies from the Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cookbook that I got at the library sale yesterday. But despite the fact that the nutritional information was displayed quite prominently on the top of the page, I failed to read it until now. And holy shit! Each regular-size cookie had 247 calories and 14 grams of fat. WTH? Who in their right mind can feed that to a child? And how am I now going to prevent her from eating them (the recipe made 60 cookies)? Well, I’m taking them to a tea today, so hopefully I can abandon any leftovers there 🙂
As for the cookies, they are quite good, a bit dry but tasty. I’d make them again had I not looked at the nutritional info.

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