One of my favorite products at Grocery Outlet is Smithfield cream cheese bars (8 oz for $1.30). Not only are they cheap (which significantly lowers the cost of baking a cheesecake), but the cream cheese has a nice, solid/stringy consistency that is wonderful for New York (and other) cheesecakes, and a vibrant, fresh flavor. I have gotten nothing but compliments for the NY cheesecake that I’ve been making with this cheese.
One thing to keep in mind, some of the cheese packages may be marked with the “Spanish” date notation (day-month-year). The ones currently on sale expire on “02-12-09”, which means on December 2nd, 2009.
And for those of you planning to make cheesecakes today, Grocery Outlet also has honey maid graham crackers ($2), sugar ($2.50, I think) and jumbo eggs ($1.50 a dozen). If you do use my recipe, note that it’s for large eggs, so reduce by one if using the jumbo size.

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