Ohgane Korean BBQ Restaurant – Oakland

A couple of days ago my friend Mauro and I met for lunch, and he suggested going to Ohgane Korean BBQ Restaurant. They have a lunch buffet ($9 or $10) and he’d enjoyed previously. I’d never been to a Korean buffet and it’s been ages since I’ve had Korean food, so I eagerly agreed.
I can’t really comment on how good the buffet was, as I stuck to the meat options. But Mauro was quite happy with the vegetarian and seafood entrees. The meat entrees, basically Korean BBQ, were very good – in particular the short ribs. They had a smokey, meaty flavor I really liked.
The restaurant itself is sort of generic and not particularly inviting, the buffet dining room is large, with long tables that you share, and with sort of a dinning commons feel.
In all, it was a good buffet, though somewhat expensive, and I’d go again.
Ohgane Korean BBQ Restaurant
3915 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 594-8300
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