Got taken by Grocery Outlet :-(

A few days ago I bought a two-pack of Kraft Grated Parmesan cheese. Each jar is 16 oz, and I was getting 2 for $7, so I thought it was a very good deal. Wronnnng! It wasn’t until I’d open a jar that I realized the cheese expired Oct. 6th. Now, I realize that Grocery Outlet sells items that are close to expiration date, but 2 weeks? For a packaged cheese product? Who in the world can possibly consume 2 pounds of grated cheese in 2 weeks?
Yes, my bad – in the future I’ll check expiration dates very carefully. But also Grocery Outlet’s bad for selling such products.

*Update* My blog entries are automatically forwarded to my twitter account, and one of my followers there is Grocery Outlet. Well, they looked into this matter and they are sending me a couple of coupons for the cheese. They will also make sure that, in the future, they will split up containers and lower the price on items, as they get closer to the sell-by date. This makes a lot of sense, I’d have bought one can for $3, but not two for $8 so close to the sell-by date.
Anyway, I’m impressed at how Grocery Outlet dealt with this issue.

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