Mike’s Birthday BBQ

Yesterday we had a BBQ in honor of Mike’s birthday. I didn’t make anything new, but IMHO what I made was quite good and would recommend it for your (or my) next BBQ. Lola brought the salad, and I served chips with salsa and guacamole and my great potato salad, but otherwise all there was was protein (and birthday cake):
-Hot dogs
-BBQ chicken
Thyme marinated tri-tip
Tofu Satay
I trimmed and coated the tri-tip with coarse salt before marinating it, and it came out perfectly.
I served the tofu satay plain (without peanut sauce), but my vegetarian (and non-vegetarian) friends loved it – so much so that they took the leftovers to grill at home 🙂 I didn’t have Madeira wine for the recipe this time, so I used port instead.

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