Fried Fish

I’d bought some frozen mahi mahi at Trader Joe’s, and I wanted a child-friendly recipe to use them up. I found one for Mahi Cutlet with Meyer Lemons and Capers at the Food Network, which got very good reviews. I, of course, made it with regular lemons (you can read my rant about lemons here). The results were mixed. I liked the fish itself, the breading was crispy and stayed on the fish, but it was bland. Next time I’ll add salt to the eggs.
The sauce, OTOH, was a complete waste of expensive ingredients. It was bitter, too sour, and had a weird off-taste. I think the fish would be better with just lemon juice added.
Camila really liked the fish – and this is a child that has a “it’s yucky” attitude to everything I make. She called it fish nuggets, and I guess that was enough for her to eat it. Mika wasn’t hear for that dinner, but I think she may try it next time.
Of course, fried fish is not ideal for anyone, but I’m hoping that if they start eating fish this way, they’ll accept it in other permutations later.

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