The same?!

Last night I made a simple rice pilaf for dinner – using leftover lamb and a Russian spice mix that I really like. I also added grilled shrimp & turkey kielbasa for some variety.
Mika saw what I was cooking and said something like “but we already had that!”. Why yes, we have had that a couple of times in the past, but it’s been several months since I last made it. I was pretty surprised that she could remember a specific dish that I made so long ago and I was quite amused that she’s gotten to expect something new every night. I do have dishes that I repeat like spaghetti & meat sauce and chicken and dumplings (not to say boxed mac & cheese), but pilaf is not one that I repeat often. And most other dishes I make are either part of my international cooking project, or recipes I find on epicurious or another such site to use up a leftover ingredient or to satisfy a particular craving – I seldom repeat these dishes.
Anyway, both Mika and Camila liked the food – or at least Mika ate the shrimp and Camila ate something.
Tonight I’m going to serve leftover lamb (I still have quite a bit) with Trader Joe’s Yellow Curry sauce. I expect the sauce will be too spicy for the kids, and they weren’t too keen on the lamb to begin with, so I’ll have to figure out something to give to them (and let’s not have it be mac & cheese!).

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