A couple of years ago I asked for metal measuring cups & spoons for Christmas. Mike, my mom and a friend all heeded my call – I ended up with three sets. I decided to keep the one my mother gave me – because it had 3/4 and 2/3 cups in addition to the regular ones – and the one my friend Regina gave me – because it had more measuring spoons – and to return the one Mike got me. That was the most expensive one and he’d gotten it at Sur la Table.
Well, two years have passed and I haven’t returned them, so I thought I might as well start using them as well – not that I need 3 sets of measuring cups. It’s a good thing I didn’t put them to use before because they suck! The handles on the cups are so thin, that they easily bend! And I know that Mike spent a lot of $ on them (I think about $30).
I don’t see them in Sur la Table’s website now, so perhaps they stopped selling them. They are marked with the Sur la Table name, so if you see them in a store, avoid buying them.

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