Condesa de Sarabella 2007 garnacha

Condesa de Sarabella garnacha is a perfectly fine table, every day wine. It’s crisp, but still medium-to-full bodied, light tannins and no oakiness, or smoke or earthiness or anything really to distract you. There is no unnecessary sharpness or acidity (or even bitterness) either, sometimes found in wines at this price range. It basically tastes like everyday wine – something that you won’t be ashamed to serve your guests for a regular meal (let’s have something nicer for a more special one), but that at $5 doesn’t break our recession-era budgets.
I bought it at Trader Joe’s, of course, and I may pick up a couple of other bottles just to have around. It also seems like a good wine to open when you are making a dish that requires just one cup of wine, and you want to drink the rest of the bottle (personally I cook with 2-bucks-chuck, but I don’t drink it if I don’t have to – this is significantly better than chuck).

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