Fatty Patty’s Restaurant – Vancouver, WA

Fatty Patty’s is the worst restaurant I have never eaten at. I had read the reviews of the place, and they were pretty positive. Granted, they were mostly about the breakfast and how huge the portions were, but they did say the food was good. What they didn’t say, was that the food was bought pre-cooked.
We went there for lunch while we were visiting my in-laws, and I requested a cheeseburger cooked medium-rare. They told me they couldn’t do that because they bought the patties pre-cooked, and all they did was warm them up! My God, even McDonalds grills them themselves (they are frozen, granted, but at least they are raw). I can’t imagine how sucky these must be. Alas, they didn’t really have much in the lunch menu that wasn’t patty-based, so we actually walked out of the place.
It’s a pity, because I love those mom-n-pop, all-American, hole in the wall breakfast places. I don’t expect the food to be great, and usually a visit is enough for me, but visiting one is like traveling to another country.
I don’t know that I’d go to Fatty Patty’s for breakfast either, the hamburger experience scares me away (I’m imagining commercial frozen-pancakes, warmed up in the microwave). But at least it was a (short) experience.
Fatty Patty’s Restaurant
10501 NE Highway 99 # 31
Vancouver, WA
(360) 574-4940
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