2005 Treana white wine

treanna.jpgFor Xmas Eve dinner I served a couple of wines. We started with a wine wine, a 2005 Treana Central Coast, Mer Soleil Vineyard wine composed of 50% Marsanne and 50% Viognier. It’s yet another wine I won at a raffle/auction (yes, I participate in a fair number of those things). The wine retails at about $27 dollars – which means it was a wash with what I spent on tickets, but it was a good cause đŸ™‚ .
The wine was actually very good, and it got accolades at my Xmas Eve dinner. I thought it was pretty sweet, almost competing with a dessert wine. It was pretty fruity, and very nicely balanced. It also managed to keep its flavor through the different courses I served with it (bread & olive oil/salad with balsamic vinaigrette/butternut squash soup/crostinis with mushrooms & artichoke dip). In all, if you like sweetish wines, this is definitely one you should consider.

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