Wines at home (again)


I just got back from another trip to the wine country (I’ll blog about it later), where I bought only a couple of bottles of wine. This reminds me that it’s time to figure out what wines I do have at home – so that at least it might encourage me to drink them. Indeed, Mike and I have promised that from now on we’ll drink a bottle of “nice” (by which we mean wine over $15) wine at least once every two weeks. I mean, we buy these things, we should at least drink them!.
Anyway, this is what I have.
Cheaper Wines
120 Chardonnay Santa Rita – TJ’s
2007 RavensWood Chardonnay – auction ($8)
Block 13 Sauvignon Blanc – auction ($10)
Atlas Peak Sangiovese, 2006 – no idea how I got it
Chariot, Gypsy, 2005 – TJ’s ($5)
Charlone Vineyard Pinot Noir, 2006 – also don’t know how I got it
Hawk Crest Cabernt Sauvignong, 2005 – bought at Safeway thinking it was a deal, it wasn’t ($10)
Menage a Trois (by Folie a Deux, Napa), 2006 – TJ’s
Pacual Toso Malbec, 2006 – TJ’s
More expensive ones
Treana Winery White Wine Mer Soleil Vineyard Central Coast 2005 – won on raffle ($22)
Bink Merlot 2003 – won at auction ($35)
Bink Pinot Noir 2004 – won at auction ($40)
Bink Syrah 2003 – won at auction ($40)
Casola Lopez Malbec, 2002 – (my cousin Betiana Lopez gifted it to me in Argentina)
Chateu Souverain Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, 2003, – got at winery ($24.50)
Cline Ancient Vines Mourvedre, 2006 – got at winery ($18), we liked the very unusual flavor
Coppola Diamond collection Merlot, 2005 – tried at restaurant & loved ($15)
De Loach Zinfandel, 2004 – got at winery ($35)
Loxton Red Table Wine, 2006 – got at winery ($14), fruity and acidic, a bit unfinished
Roederer Estate Pinot Noir 2005 – got at winery ($23)
Ryhan Estate Rouge Sang 2004 – got at winery ($20)
Yorkville Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, 2001 – got at winery ($40)
Sweet Wines
Eberle Muscat Canelli – got at winery ($14)
Navarro White Riesling – got at winery ($29 for 1/2 blottle)
V. Sattui California Muscat – got at winery (>$20)
Westover Port – don’t know where it came from ($20)
Sparkling Wines
Roederer L’Ermitage Brut – at winery, $45
Villa Carlotti Proseco – TJ’s


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