Some SL restaurant news

I noticed that Cafe Sorriso has changed ownership. If anyone goes and has a comment, please put it in my original review page (like above).
Horatio’s Lounge is undergoing a renovation – the whole bar was close on a recent visit, so we had to have our desserts at the restaurant. But it’s opening in the next few days. I’m not sure if I’ll get there any time soon, so if you go, let me know how it looks. The desserts we had at the dining room weren’t as good as usual, they tasted stale. Hopefully, it’s a momentary glitch.
It seems that the Italian restaurant on Bancroft and Dutton is actually getting ready to open and the Vietnamese restaurant at East 14th and Estabrook, is progressing.
Anyway, if you know of something happening in the vibrant San Leandro restaurant scene, please comment here.

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