Misono Restaurant (Nairobi)

I just came back from dinner at Misono. Ok, I /think/ I just came back from dinner at Misono. I did go to dinner at a Japanese restaurant – I don’t know the name, but given that it’s close to where we are and Misono is located on Lenana road, I’m willing to bet that’s the one I’ve been to. It was quite good.
Misono offers a variety of dining options. You can have sushi (though its menu is quite limited), teppanaki (meat or veggies fired grilled as you watch, a la Benihana – a complete meal starts at around $25 pp), or order from the main menu. That’s a much cheaper option, and we decided to go for it.
I had the chicken katsu and while I liked the tender fried chicken, the sauce itself was too thick and tasted too vinegary and ketchupy. The chicken was definitely better without it. It came with a salad, too vinegary for me to eat. The portion was a good size.
Unfortunately our conversation was too interesting for me to even remember to ask my colleagues what they thought of their food (one had sushi, the other steamed dumpling looking spring rolls and fish), though they made approving noises. The consensus was that we’d go back.
It’s a bit disconcerting being attended by so many bowing Kenyans, but you can’t help but applaud their spirit.
Lenana Rd.
(254) 20 – 3868959

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