Country style pork ribs are almost always on sale, but I never buy them because I never know what to make with them (other than carnitas). This time I figured I’d look for a recipe before I went to the supermarket. This recipe for saucy country-style oven ribs from epicurious got great reviews and seemed relatively easy to make. It was, but the results weren’t really my cup of tea.
Like some of the reviewers suggested I only boiled the ribs for 15 minutes, and they were pretty tender (though not forked tender) when they were done. I also cooked them in my braising pan, rather than a baking pan, I’m not sure how much of a difference that would have made.
My problem, however, was with the sauce, not the ribs. It was just too tangy for my taste. It wasn’t too overwhelmingly tangy, but I just prefer less tangy flavors. Mike, on the other hand, liked it. But as I’m the one cooking, I wouldn’t make it again.

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