2006 Zeller Schawrze Katz Qualitatswein

I bought this wine because “Katz” is Mike’s name, not knowing absolutely anything about it, not even what kind it was. I wasn’t planning on drinking it tonight, but I realized at a late hour that the recipe I was making called for white wine, and I had this one already chilling. Alas, only later I found out that many Qualitatswein are late harvest wines, more fit to be served as dessert than with a meal. Indeed, my first thought when I started sipping it is that this would make a good dessert wine.
The bottle does not indicate what type of Qualitatswein but it’s not terribly sweet. Or rather, I thought it was very sweet when I opened it, but it mellowed out after dinner. It’s very floral, with strong fruit overtones – peaches and apricots – and a very smooth finish. It’s pretty good as an after dinner drink and I’d have it again.
Mike, OTOH, thought it almost tasted like a Chardonnay and he did not think it tasted like a dessert wine at all. Granted it was considerably less sweet that the majority of these. He thought it was easy drinking, and not that sweet.
I bought it at TJ’s, and I *think* I paid $7-8 for the bottle.

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