On City Tavern in Philadelphia

A few years ago we had lunch at City Tavern in Philadelphia, a “theme restaurant” that features revolutionary period cuisine served by people dressed on period clothing. We had a pretty good experience. However, the person who sent us the following note, did not.
Dear Sirs:
Last Sunday, Nov. 26, 2006, three friend and I ate at your restaurant after seeing a show at the Society HIll Playhouse. We had made reservations, but didn’t really need them as it didn’t seem too busy.
ON one friends suggestion, we all ordered the special of the day. It was steak and shrimp.
We all had soup also. 3 Gumbo and 1 Pepper Pot.
The soups were very good, although expensive.. When our dinners came we were disappointed, but didn’t make a fuss as we didn’t want to embarrass our friend who suggested the restaurant and also made the reservation. Her last name is Yokim.
The steak was tough and the shrimp very over cooked. Needles to say most of our steak went back. I had the feeling that the meals were already cooked and then warmed up just before serving us.
Needless to say we were very disappointed. I am always recommending places to out of town guests, but your restaurant won’t be on my list.
Just thought you might like to know, so maybe some improvements can be made.
Phyllis Reighter

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