Mo’s Gourmet Hamburger

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in San Francisco, or in Yerba Buena Gardens to be more exact. The kids played at the Metreon, hunted for worms in a little structure outside, run behind the fountain, enjoyed the merry-go-round and had the greatest time at the playground – those are some fast slides they have. We did have a moment of terror when Mika decided to play hide-n-seek with us without telling us, but in all, we had a very good time.
By the middle of it, however, we were starving, and Mo’s, located right next to the playground, seemed like the ideal place to eat. It was pretty good.
As its name implies, Mo’s concentrates on burgers and while none of the choices are particularly original, they are made from 100% Angus meat. The burgers are pretty expensive, at $7-8 without fries. They also serve breakfast items and have a short kid-menu, with a burger, a hot dog, chicken nuggets and a grilled cheese sandwich – all pretty expensive at $6.
But portions are pretty large. Mike and I shared a burger and some onion rights, plus had some of the pancakes Mika didn’t eat and we were pretty full.
Our blue cheese burger was quite good, it had both a meaty and blue cheesy taste, and we enjoyed it. However, it had been overcooked. We’d asked for our burger medium rare, and you could barely discern any pink inside. Oh well, next time we’ll be more adamant about how it’s cooked. The onion rings were also very good, the batter held well together, and it wasn’t overly greasy. I’d liked if they’d been accompanied by ranch dressing, but they were quite good by themselves. We also liked the pancakes that Mika got. They were nice and light, and had none of that chemical taste that comes from making them from a mix. Mika and Camila were quite pleased.
In all we had a pretty good meal, and next time I’m at Yerba Buena I’d eat there again.
Mo’s Gourmet Burgers
772 Folsom Street
Yerba Buena Gardens
San Francisco, CA
(415) 957-3779

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