You heard it here first, Joplins has the best burgers in San Leandro, and I’ve eaten at enough places in San Leandro to know. If you like your burgers big and juicy – so big you won’t be able to finish them, so juicy you better have a napkin ready – this is definitely the place to go. And you should hurry, both times I went there, there were only a few customers for lunch, which concerns me as I definitely don’t want the place to close.
On both my visits I ordered their cheeseburger ($5), which comes with the usual ingredients (tomato, lettuce, onions) and is made to order. I already described it as being very good, so good that now every time I want a burger, I want a Joplin’s burger (a Val’s may be better, but they’re too far away). I want one right now as I type this, btw 🙂
Fries come with some of their dishes, but not with the burgers. An order of regular fries will cost you $1.50, but I’d advise you to go for the garlic fries ($3.50) instead. They are made with real garlic, not garlic powder, and they are out of this world. I should say, however, that I liked them better on my first visit, when they were skinny fries, rather than in my second, when they were the thicker wedge-type. I should have said something to the waiter; next time.
I went with my sister Kathy on my first visit, and she ordered the fried chicken wings ($5). These were quite good as well, nicely seasoned but not too spicy, and came served with sauce on the side (so this might be a good dish for little kids too). Our only complaint was that chicken wings are a pain to eat, we would much have preferred fried chicken legs. One more thing to tell them. On my second visit I went with my friend Aamani who also had – and enjoyed – the burger.
Both times service was very good, attentive and friendly.
My one qualm with Joplin’s is their menu. They have an amazing breakfast menu with things such as blueberry sour cream pancakes and bananasplit belgian waffles as well as several types of omelettes and combos – but their lunch menu is quite limited. They have some salads, a few sandwiches, a couple of burgers, friend chicken wings and shrimp, and, out of nowhere, some Mediterranean messe offerings (felafel, hummus, dolmas and salad). As much as I like their burger, I’d like to see more choices. On the plus side, all lunch offerings are extremely well priced, with nothing over $7.50.
Joplins opened a couple of months ago in the space vacated by The Blue Dish, on Victoria Circle in the Broadmoor. It’s name after a relative of the owner who used to be a famous Jazz musician. They have jazz for brunch on Sundays and I definitely want to try that – and then I’ll report back (on the food, not the music, as I’m tone deaf).
585 Victoria Court
San Leandro, CA

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