Thanksgiving Menu

I’ve finally decided what to make for Thanksgiving. Here is my menu:
-Bread with olive oil, white balsamic vinegar & cream cheese
-Braised Chicken with bacon & bread stuffing (325, 2 hours)
-Traditional green beans casserole (350, 25′)
-Mashed potatoes
-Chevy’s corn tomalito (250, 2 hours)
-Persimmon bread (350, 1 hour)
-Apple pie
I want to have a semi-traditional thanksgiving, so that my 4-yo can start appreciating traditions, but I’m not a big fan of turkey. Plus, our friends Lola and Iggy will be coming to dinner after having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at their family’s, so I want to offer them something somewhat different. Any suggestions/comments?

OK, so now I’ve been thinking just how I’m going to cook this. I’d like to serve dinner for us & the kids around 6 PM – and have the kids to bed before Lola & Iggy arrive. That said, if I’m early or late with food it’s no big deal. So…, let’s see.
11 AM: Prepare & bake persimmon bread (to: 12:30)
12 PM: Prepare and bake tomalito ( to 2:30 PM)
1 PM: Wash, cut & steam the green beans.
1:30 PM: Prepare stuffing and chicken
2:30 PM: Braise chicken (to 4:30-5)
3PM: Prepare apple pies
3:30 PM: Prepare green beans casserole
4 PM: Cook remaining stuffing & green bean casserole (to 4:30)
4:10 PM Boil potatoes
4:30 – 5 Remove chicken & prepare sauce
5 – 5:15 Roast chicken & brown stuffing
Mash potatoes & make mashed potatoes.
5:30 Finish sauce & remove chicken from oven
5:35 Return green bean casserole & tomalito to warm
6 PM put apple pies in the oven

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