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Pork chops in orange-pepper sauceOne of my readers, a Bolivian living in Japan, was dismayed at my feelings about Bolivian food as represented on the page on the matter. She understood how difficult it was to get inspired by a cuisine when you can’t understand half the ingredients and dishes you come across. So she helpfully sent me a “dictionary” of Bolivian food, describing dishes and ingredients.
I cannot help her enough, and I that I’m speaking for many people who will come across this page searching for this information.

Chajcho is a kind of thick soup, with vegetables or chu


3 Comments on “Dictionary of Bolivian Food”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You need to put the recipes onthis site also.If I find recipes,I am sorry for that last comment.

  2. Carmen says:

    Just mentioning that is ” spice sauce”, or Locoto is like “paprika”, is not a a descrition, paprika is a diferent type of spice, there are hundreds od spices and the the use of certains ones is what makes a dish special or typical of a region.
    For anybody looking for real Bolivian food , use Bolivian Lanic, or other searches in the Bolivian web pages.

  3. walter says:

    locoto is like chile cerrano from mexico

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