Albanians are also angry at me

I have managed to offend many nationalities through my international food project. Some day I’ll post all the comments from Appalachians I’ve gotten for comparing Appalachia to the third world – but a more recent comment was from an Albanian who was sure I’d never been to Albania (true) and had never eaten Albanian food (true as well). She says that the only authentic Albanian food comes from women who have kept the traditions for generations, which I can believe. She’s been very gratious to send me some recipes, which I’m posting here. I may cook them someday.

Tave Dheu me Patligjana
This is a traditional dish made with baby aubergines, which are cut in halves and fried in oil after their mid sections are removed in order to fill them up. Then they are fried with onions, yellow peppers, garlic and tomatoes. When the mixture is ready you can add salt and spices depending on your preferences and then you can add the filling to the previously fried aubergines, which then are placed into the oven dish. If you have more mixture left you can add that on the side of the aubergines. When you have done all that you can put in the oven for 30 minutes to bake. This dish can be served with rice with meat on the side which I will tell you now.
Pilaf me mish vici.
This is cooked lamb with biled water and salt. When the lamb is cooked you use the lamb stock to cook the rice. If you want you can roast the lamb afterwards with spices and serve this with the above.

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