Blue Dish closed – for now?

The Blue Dish is closed, at least for now. Rumor has it that the owners have stretched themselves thin between the restaurant and their catering business, and they’ve decided to concentrate in the latter, as it’s more profitable. That’s too bad as I find myself in that area for lunch often and the choices are very limited: Paradiso, which is good but expensive, Cornerstone Cafe, which was disappointing last time I ate there, Viva Pancho Villa!, which is a bit too casual and unexciting for “lunching” and Zocalo, which serves sandwiches catered by The Blue Dish (which I don’t really like).
Plus all my friends like The Blue Dish, and it was the sort of place where you would always run into someone you knew, so I am quite disappointed that it’s closed. I hope they’ll reopen and I’ll keep you posted.

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