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I’m a little late with this posting but better late than ever, right?
Last April was Mika’s 4th birthday. We had a party for her the day after her birthday, but I wanted to celebrate the actual anniversary of her birth – so I invited our friends Desiree and Grant, and their kids Trent and Kali, as well as our friends Regina and Boris to meet us for ice cream at the Ice Creamery. The Ice Creamery is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor in downtown Castro Valley, which serves Fenton ice cream in more informal surroundings.
We’ve been to the Ice Creamery many times before, when we want to treat ourselves or the kids, and this time it was a real treat.
I don’t know if they take reservations, we certainly hadn’t made any, and when we got there around 6 PM or so on a Saturday evening the place was hopping. There were no tables to be found. The hostess/waitress (it’s not clear who is whom there), however, tried very hard to accomodate us and was able to put some tables together as people left them so that we all got to sit together by the window. They were very efficient with the service, getting us menus and our orders in and out quite quickly, considering how busy the place was, and making a special effort to bring the kids ice cream first. Considering how antsy they were – 4 yo’s are not known for the patience – this was very welcomed. They even put a candle on Mika’s ice cream and everyone sang her “happy birthday”. At her age this was thrilling rather than embarrazing.
The kids were able to run around and play around and all in all had the most wonderful time. I think we will make going to the Ice Creamery a yearly birthday tradition.

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