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OK, does anyone have any? 🙂 If so, do e-mail (or comment here).
According to the SL Times, Chili’s opened at the Bayfair mall a week ago, and Chevy’s is moving its location to inside the mall.
There is finally some progress in the opening of Cafe Sorriso at the old Latte Da site on the corner of Juana and Washington. Soon after Latte Da closed – after the owner increased the rent considerably – the sign for Cafe Sorriso appeared, but nothing more happened for months. A couple of days ago the exterior was finally painted, a very nice shade of yellow-orange, I might add. Hopefully it means they’re getting ready to open.
The same cannot be said about the Kolbeh restaurant which took the space of Casa Maria #2. The sign is still there but nothing else has happened, I daresay nothing will.
Finally, rumor has it that Angelina’s changed ownership a few months ago, and that the new owner has no experience running a restaurant of any kind. I hear his people skills are poor, to say the least, and a waitress and two delivery drivers have quit in the last couple of weeks. The kitchen stuff remains, but I hear they are not happy.

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