Fromage d’Affinois


I came across this cheese at PW Supermarket and gave it a try. It was wonderful. Though it’s only double cream, it is the creamiest cheese I’ve ever tasted, it’s texture was pure silkness and every bite (on sourdough baguette) seemed like a luxury. I also loved the taste, milder and less bitter than brie. It was quite a hit with my omnivorous 10-month old too.


3 Comments on “Fromage d’Affinois”

  1. Pamela Thomson says:

    I sampled this cheese in Berkeley, CA and it had a pepper studded rind. You didn’t mention that flavor. Are there other varieties?

  2. jde says:

    yes, I just finished a variety that had an herb/chive rind. It was fantastic.

  3. Nic says:

    This is a processed cheese and belongs in the commodity bin. Its a double cream “cheese” that is forced through a special piping system that makes the fat molecules break up. The “cheese” producing facility is a gleaming mass of pipes and looks like nothing more then a chemical factory. This is NOT how cheese should be made and no one should consider this product “quality”. It’s made the gentleman who used to work for Kraft a whole lot of money however. Please support real hands on cheese making and quit helping ruin what cheese should be by buying low quality mass produced products.

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