Tuttle’s Sea Garden

This restaurant is closed

Another restaurant I’ve been remissed in reviewing is Tuttle’s Sea Garden on Bancroft. The little restaurant had skipped our radar until our daughter started going to daycare in the Broadmoor district and we started to go by in on a daily basis. One time when we both picked her up (September 2005) we decided to stop for lunch and see what they had to offer.
The little restaurant has a counter and a small, informal dining room, but it’s clearly mostly a take-out place. Still, it’s much nicer than most BBQ joints, a perfeclty fine place to have lunch. At about 1 pm on a weekday, however, we were the only people eating there, though several came to pick up orders.
The menu basically consists of fried fish and chicken and BBQ meats. The day we were there they were out of the BBQ beef so instead I went with the BBQ Ribs ($11 for 4, $13 for 6 large ribs). They were good, the meat was very tender but they had the consistency of ribs that had been boiled rather than slowly barbecued. The BBQ sauce was nice, not very spicy, though still not as good as E&J’s. The ribs come with potato salad, coleslaw or fries – I had the latter and honestly can’t remember them 🙂
Mike had the catfish ($7.75 for 3 pieces), which he thought was quite good, though couldn’t elaborate on how.
We still prefer E&J’s for our BBQ needs, but Tuttle’s is a perfectly acceptable place to go.
Tuttle’s Seafood Garden
395 Bancroft Ave.
San Leandro, CA.
Tu-Sa 11am-9pm

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