4th of July BBQ

Yesterday we had a BBQ at our house. It was a great excuse to clean up our patio (finally!) and have friends over. In particular, we hadn’t seen Ralph and Ruth for a year, I have to make sure to invite them over for dinner soon. Well, not too soon, I don’t think Mike can handle more than one dinner event per month.
I wanted a complete no-work menu (no work for me, that is, Mike still had to do the grilling 🙂 so I settled for:
-Chips & dip (storebought)
Red Potato Salad
which I like ’cause I don’t have to peel the potatoes to make it.
-Apple & chicken sausages
which I found out are not very good on hot dog buns
I sprinkled kosher salt on it, let it rest for a couple of hours, and it was absolutely delicious. Like all my beef, I bought it at Costco.
-Apple pie
from costco
-Dreyer’s Ice Cream
which Ralph appreciated as he works there
Ralph brought some Chinese sausage and some salchichas, and both were wonderful. Sandra brought some very popular green salad.
All in all we had a wonderful, relaxed time in the patio, and now that it’s clean I’m planning to entertain there more often – plus start grilling a lot of food. Meanwhile I have 3 lbs of sausages to get through.

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