Today I took the girls to Habitot. My plan was to stop by Mel’s Drive-Inn which is right next to Habitot but Mika wanted pizza, so we went to the pizza place right next to Mel’s. They’d changed it since our last visit, they put the counter against the outside door and now you are not allowed to eat inside the restaurant, but my plan was to take the slices down to Habitot and eat in their lunch room anyway.
The pizza was OK. Even though it was around lunch time, it was clear that it’d been sitting under the heatlamp for a while, the cheese was all solid and uniform rather than gooey. It didn’t have that alcoholic-like taste that I had enjoyed in their pizza in the past, I’m not sure if that was because it wasn’t fresh.
The new restaurant (is it new?) doesn’t seem to have a name. The only sign I saw just said “pizza”. I can’t imagine it’ll last long – though the pizza is fairly affordable at $2.50 for a cheese slice – I don’t think the Shattuck traffic is eat-as-you-walk traffic as much as the Telegraph traffic. Personally, I don’t think I’ll try it again.

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