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A new Hawaiian BBQ place has opened on East 14th at the sport where Cafe Zula used to be. In between, it was a taqueria which we never tried but which according to our friend Boris was pretty bad. We did try this new Hawaiian place and it wasn’t very good either. maybe the location is doomed.
Right after I finally write a review for Strizzi’s, the restaurant decides to close. It makes me sad to see all these old-time San Leandro restaurants closing. I’d feel well if they were better, though. A new Thai place is opening in its space and, of course, I’m hopeful.
There is a new Chinese bakery opening also on East 14th near New Hong Kong. Could it be that I’ll finally be able to feast myself on pork buns without having to go into a restaurant? May be. Stay tuned.
And a couple of more I neglected to include yesterday:
Dragon Express, the fast-food Chinese restaurant on East 14th next to 7-11 has closed and is now Chopsticks Express. Haven’t tried it yet. Dragon Express was pretty bad.
Francisco’s, the Mexican restaurant on Bancroft that was closed for a while due to hygene problems, bankrupcy, etc., has now been sold and has re-opened as another Mexican restaurant, Pancho Villa, I think. Haven’t tried it either.

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