Cape Cod Fish & Chip Restaurant Review – Sacramento

SO & I were in Sacramento a couple of weeks ago for the California Democratic Convention and, on our first night there, we wanted something quick, easy and cheap for dinner. SO LOVES fish & chips, so when he came across positive reviews for Cape Cod Fish & Chip, we knew that’s where we were headed. It was a good call.
Cape Cod Fish & Chip is a very modest restaurant located in a strip mall. It has an open kitchen, a couple of seats at a counter and a few tables. It is not going to win any prizes for ambiance. The menu is quite straight forward: fried fish & seafood, assorted fried things, teriyaki bowls and burgers. Prices are reasonable, I think we paid about $7-8 for a plate with 3 fried fish fillet & fries.

The fish was quite good. Not terribly flavorful (but the tartar sauce helped here), but very crispy and non-oily. I enjoyed it. The fries were average. Service was prompt. We’d definitely eat there again if we were back in Sacramento..

Cape Cod Fish & Chips
5113 Folsom Boulevard
Sacramento, CA
(916) 456-4404

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