Lassen Mineral Lodge Restaurant – Review

Last weekend Mike and I took the kids to Lassen Volcanic National Park, to see the sulfur pits, and we decided to stay at the Lassen Mineral Lodge. We had breakfast there, and in all it was a pleasant experience. Given your lack of other choices in the area, this is not a bad place to eat.
The restaurant at the Lassen Mineral Lodge is pretty cute, decorated in a country theme with plenty of wood and green. There are pictures of friends and patrons on the walls, cupboards with cute for-sale trinkets and, and here is the “and”, stuffed deer heads. Yep, that sort of freaked out my daughter – specially after her father told him that the deer had been shot (rather than mounted after they died a natural death) -, so beware if you have animal-loving-children in your party.
Service was very friendly and quite good, though we did have to wait quite a bit for our food. Given how busy the place was early that Saturday morning (and we got there as it opened at 8 AM) in late August, that’s not too surprising.
The food was uneven. My French Toast (6 thick half-slices for ~$7) was OK, it was sort of dry and not particularly interesting. The corn syrup was also lackluster. Mika’s pancakes ($5 for 2 HUGE pancakes and one hot chocolate, a portion large enough for 2 kids) were actually pretty good, they were fluffy and tasted homemade. Mike had one of those egg combos ($8, I think), with fine eggs, really good bacon, perfectly acceptable hash browns (a tad overcooked) and toast. We drank hot cocoa ($1.75 a cup), which was nice and strong. Breakfast came to $24 before tip.
Lassen Mineral Lodge Restaurant
Highway 36 E.
Mineral, CA
(530) 595-4422
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