I don’t usually make burgers so before a few days ago I hadn’t perfected a “recipe” – but a few days ago I actually made some and then repeated them yesterday, and I have to admit they were very good. Here is what I did:
– I chopped London broil (the first time) and chuck (the second time, eliminating the external fat) in the food processor. The results weren’t as soft as a regular burger but fine anyway. I liked the texture of the London broil better, but the flavor of the chuck was nicer.
– I mixed the chopped meat with some salt, ground cumin, garlic powder and Worcestershire sauce. I eyed the quantities – my eye seems to be pretty good as both times they were well seasoned. I think the Worcestershire sauce is key.
– I cooked them in the pre-heated Foreman grill until medium-rare. I put a slice of cheese on them and then closed the grill for a minute or so.
And that was it.

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