Smoked NY steaks

Over the years I have come across recipes that called for smoking whatever you were grilling by putting wood chips in the BBQ grill’s smoker box. I have a very simple gas BBQ grill, so of course it does not have a smoker box – so I usually just ignored those recipes. But a week or two ago, I came across a smoker box at Grocery Outlet and I figured, why not give it a try? The box is a rectangular metal box with a metal lid that has holes in it. You put it on top of the burning element, under the grill.
I first tried it last week when I made Smoked Tri Tip with Sicilian Herb Sauce for a small BBQ that I threw. Alas, the sauce (which I used as a marinade) was too strong to let the smoke flavor come out. Today, however, I “smoked” two cheap Safeway NY steaks, and I can’t believe just how good the meat was. Even Mike was surprised.
I was also quite happy about how easy the whole process was. I’ll be experimenting with other meats in the future.

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