2000 Cabernet Sauvignon Vinos Magalí


magaliwine.jpgI bought this wine at Grocery Outlet a few weeks back, mostly because it was Argentinian. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s not a big enough reason to try a wine, but I’d been wanting to give Grocery Outlet wines a chance for a while. Baaaaad Idea. I’ve drank a lot of bad wine in my life, but this one seemed to be spoiled. It tasted sour and well, spoiled. I don’t know if Grocery Outlet will take it back (I’ll check next time I go), but I will take this as a warning against buying wines at Grocery Outlet.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, they’ll take it back. GO is hit or miss. Sometimes you can score big, but often what they’re outleting is crap. You have to be discerning for sure. 2000 cab should still be fine if it was cellared correctly, it was not a very good year for the region though, so even the best wines from that region are average that year.. 2002 would be different story..

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