Dulseda Dulce de Leche liqueur

dulseda.jpgEvery time I go to Argentina, I bring back a bottle of dulce de leche liqueur. I’m not big liqueur person, but dulce de leche liqueur is amazingly delicious.
Today I saw a couple of bottles of Dulseda Dulce de Leche liqueur in the bargain bin at Safeway – for $12 a bottle – and given that my last bottle has been finished several months, I decided to buy it. It turned out that $12 was a bargain, bottles of dulseda start at $20 online. It also turned out to be delicious. It’s made with rum, rather than whole alcohol, which makes it smooth and creamy, without a sharp alcoholic bent. I really enjoyed it and, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s only early afternoon, I’d have drank a whole glass. We need to return to Safeway, and I hope the other bottle is still there, so we can snatch it.

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