Great Wall Restaurant

Yesterday we went to the Washington Manor Library to see animals the Oakland Zoo was bringing, and decided to stop for lunch at the Great Wall Restaurant before the the “show”. We hadn’t been there before.
They serve a standard Chinese-American menu. Most lunch plates and a la carte entrees are about $5-7. We started with the fried pork wontons they also have plain wontons). They looked like money purses of fried dough around a pork meatball. I didn’t think the meatball was very tasty (the kids didn’t like them), but the fried dough was good with the standard sweet-sour sauce.
Mike ordered two of their set lunches ($5), one with sweet and sour pork, fried rice and chicken chow mein and the other with almond chicken and fried rice. I had the lemon chicken ($6).
The fried rice was very nice, the diminute pieces of bbq pork were smokey and full-flavored, and they imparted the whole dish with their flavor. Mika really enjoyed the chicken chow mein, and I thought it was quite flavorful as well. The almond chicken was very nice, it had a standard flavor but a lot of it. I was less crazy about the lemon chicken and the sweet and sour pork. The problem with the former was that the sauce failed to adhere to the chicken, and the chicken by itself was rather tasteless. The sauce was good, but not spectacular. The sauce on the sweet and sour pork, however, left much to be desired. It managed to be neither sweet nor sour, and was mostly “blah”. The meat wasn’t fatty, at least.
Service was good, the waitress was accommodating and the food came very promptly to the table. In all, I’d go to the Great Wall again if I was in the neighborhood and had a hankering for Chinese food.
Great Wall Restaurant
15048 Farnsworth St
San Leandro, CA
(510) 352-8343
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