Alfredo’s Mexican Restaurant – Sonora

Yesterday my friend Lola and I went to California’s Gold Country, for our yearly girls’ weekend out. We drove east until we heat 49, and then north. We stopped in Sonora for lunch. We picked Alfredo’s as it was the first restaurant we walked by after we parked.
Alfredo’s occupies a very nice room in historical downtown Sonora. The main wall is brick with recessed shelves here and there displaying Maya and Aztec ceramics. Other walls have orange hues and there are couple of large stereotypical Mexican wall paintings. It’s both stylish and informal at the same time.
Service was very good, the waiter was very attentive – and chips and drinks, and then food, came quickly to the table.
The major problem we had with Alfredo’s was the food. It was just bland. Nothing had been adequately salted or spiced – it’s as if they were cooking for middle-American seniors with high blood pressure (which may be their target audience, for all I know). The menu was your typical Tex-Mex, with entrees at $9 to $12.50. There is also a children’s menu.
I ordered the Botana Combo ($8.75), which included four different appetizers: a good portion of guacamole, 4 beef taquitos, 1 plain quesadilla and 3 bacon wrapped shrimp. None of it was good. I love guacamole, but this one needed some lemon to perk it up. You could taste the corn tortillas on the taquitos, but the meat filling was to bland to come through. The quesadilla was just a cheese stuffed tortilla, with nothing to make it special. And while I didn’t try the shrimp, as I don’t like shrimp at all, Lola thought they were quite mediocre.
Lola had the same complaints of blandness vis a vis her entree, a combo plate of a beef tamale and a chicken enchilada ($10.55). She described the enchilada as “just an American enchilada” and while she praised the fluffy and light masa of the tamale, she thought the filling was bland and unsurprising.
As you’d expect, we wouldn’t stop at Alfredo’s again – but if you prefer bland food, this may be the place for you.
Alfredo’s Mexican Restaurant
123 S. Washington St.
Sonora, CA
(209) 532-8332

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