Sergio’s Pizza

Wednesday night, after the anti-China rally in SF, the girls wanted pizza. Mike had a meeting, so i decided to stop at Sergio’s on our way back. I’d had the pizza there before and found it OK. Well, this time it sucked.
The onion rings were good enough, even if their ranch dressing couldn’t match the Italian one at Angelina’s. But they were crispy and it was a good-sized portion (for about $7, it better be).
Their pizza, however, left much to be desired. I did not like the sweet tasting sauce, the only plus was that there wasn’t much of it. The cheese didn’t stick to the pizza, so it was pretty messy to eat. The tiny pieces of pineapple were not good quality, and the linguiza wasn’t my favorite either. In all, it was not a pizza I enjoyed. The kids were also not happy with it. I would not order it again.
The coke also has a medicinal taste to it.
The one plus of the evening was the service, the waitress was quite nice.
Still, I’m sure it’ll be a long time before we return.
150 W. Juana Ave.
San Leandro, CA.
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