Pork Chops & Apple Sauce

A couple of nights ago I decided to make pork chops and apple sauce. Truth be said, I wanted to make something with pork chops, because they are always on sale at Safeway (of course, that one day it turned out they didn’t have any on sale, but that’s just my luck). I looked for a recipe in epicurious and came up with this one. I know that pork chops and apple sauce are an American classic, and I haven’t really cooked classic American food despite living here. It also appears that there is a classic Brady Bunch shtick on this dish that makes people laugh. The food, however, did not. This Epicurious.com recipe was delicious and quite simple to make. Apparently the key is in marinating the pork chops, I assume to somewhat brine them and make them softer. My only problem with the recipe is that the breading stack to the pan, and as the breading was the best part, we missed it on the chops.

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