Burmese Beef and Potato Curry

It’s been a long time since I’ve made anything from my international cooking project. In this project I cook food from around the world alphabetically. Alas, I’ve been stuck in “B” for about 5 years, which is very depressing. Part of the problem, the main part, is that I insist on making full-menus – with appetizers, entrees and desserts – and that I usually reserve these for dinner parties. If I’m going to make a formal menu, it’d be great if others could enjoy it. But Mike and I have been so busy since the kids were born, and of more importance lately, since he was elected to the School Board, that we no longer have time to entertain. Indeed, I’ll be having friends for dinner this weekend and I’ll be making a Brazilian menu (does anyone have a suggestion for an appetizer that will go with a feiojada?) , but that’s the first time in over 6 months.
So I’ve decided to start making these dishes nightly. I may not hit all the courses anymore, – but then again, the Western division of dishes into courses does not always suit other cuisines anyway – but at least I’ll make some progress.
Last night I made a Burmese Beef and Potato Curry. It wasn’t great, but it was good, comfort food. I didn’t start by liking it, but it grew on me to the point that I ate all of the curry 🙂 I served it with TJ’s frozen naan bread, which I thought was pretty good (even if I let it get a little crispy while I was busy doing other things).
I served it with leftover chianti, and it didn’t go very well with it. It basically stole away the flavors from the wine.
Tonight on the menu: Bahraini stuffed leg of lamb.

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