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Tonight I was left alone at home with nothing to eat, and Mike suggested I get some Indian. As the kids, who don’t like Indian, are not home, that seemed like a good idea.
Favorite India is my favorite Indian restaurant, so it’s very fortunate that they are both in the area and deliver here. I’ve been ordering from there since it opened several years ago, and I’m seldom disappointed. This time I wasn’t.
I ordered my usuals, lamb korma, chicken tikka masala and a mixed grill (yes, I was alone, but they have a $25 minimum for delivery). All three were good, the sauce in the lamb korma, in particular, was excellent, very creamy, very deep and balanced. The tikka masala was also very good and balanced, with a hint of acidity. The mixed grill was a little on the dry/overdone side, however. My sweet lassi was good, a bit watery but I expect that’s from the ice melting while I waited to drink it. The kabuli naan was particularly good today, filled with nuts and cherries.
In all it was a very good meal and I’m stuffed and have lunch and dinner for tomorrow! 🙂


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  1. Buddy Greco

    After reading Marga’s glowing description, I tried Favorite India in Hayward.
    The Mango Lassi, Basmati rice and Roti all were good, but the main course, Tandoori Chicken was a disaster. Obviously they were using very old, likely previously frozen chicken parts (Parts is “parts?”).
    The half order at $6.95 comprised three legs and two pieces of back, and no breast, at all. But the problem was the texture was like rubber, really horrible and disgusting. And the only taste I could detect was that of salt, plenty of salt. It was so unappealing, that although I was hungry, I left over half of it.
    When the waitress asked if everything was OK, I confided my complete lack of satisfaction. She deducted three Dollars from my bill, as compensation. Although I appreciated their gesture, it was entirely inadequate, in light of the disgusting food they served me.
    To say that I won’t go back is an understatement. I won’t go within three blocks of that place, any time soon.

  2. Favorite India seems to have been doing quite well, as it now has a new location:
    24052 MISSION BLVD.
    I haven’t been there yet, though I’d like to check it out some time.
    The on-line ordering system once again works. I just ordered some food and they had gotten my order instantly. It takes about 45 minutes to get your order (at least in San Leandro).
    I now realize that I haven’t answered the comment above. Personally, I have not had that experience with the tandoori chicken – which I order almost every time. Perhaps you visited them in an off day, but they shouldn’t have charged you for the dish at all.
    I’ve been going to Favorite India, or ordering from them, every couple of months for the last few years. I really like their food, it is my “favorite” Indian food in the Bay Area. I welcome comments from all other patrons.

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