Tandoori & Brownie Mixes


tandoori.jpgYesterday I made tandoori chicken and brownies. We didn’t eat them at the same time, so I can’t tell you how well they work together, but they were pretty good separately.
The tandoori chicken was bone-in chicken, skinned and marinated for a while on yogur mixed with Parampara Tandoori chicken mix. We then grilled it on the BBQ. Mike thought it was quite good, I was less enthusiastic. I liked the charred parts, but I think the other parts might have had too much marinade. Next time I’ll make sure to wipe some off before grilling. Parampara has a lot of other mixes, which I’ll probably try as well.
The brownies where Trader Joe’s Truffle Brownie Mix. They were also very easy to make (add a lot of butter and eggs) and they were scrumptious. Soooo good, so moist. I’ll definitely not make them again, so I can avoid eating the whole tray.


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