Ratto’s International Market & Deli

My friend Desiree, who loves food more than anyone I know (with the possible exception of my friend Charlotte, Lotty’s tastes are broader), loves Ratto’s, so when we found ourselves in downtown Oakland a couple of weeks ago, we of course headed there.
Ratto’s has been around for a century in an old, high-ceiling building that gives the deli tons of atmosphere. Still, this is a very informal sort of place – the main function of the deli is as a take-out place, though tables and utensils are provided for those who want to eat there.
Their main fare are sandwiches, and you can either get one of their predetermined choices or make your own. I decided to make my own and it wasn’t that good a decision. I started with their Jam

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  1. Michaele Maurer

    When I was a young adult, I lived in Oakland and went to Ratto’s whenever I wanted — oh, couscous (Safeway didn’t have it then), real snail shells to serve escargot in, or roses in heavy syrup. The gourmet shop had even more space than the deli has now.
    Ratto’s is a shadow of its former self. The deli is almost all that’s left of the place – that and a few paltry shelves of (admittedly high quality) gourmet ingredients and tools.
    Sic transit gloria mundi.

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