Green garlic

green garlic
A week or so ago I found (organic) green garlic at the farmer’s market. I’d had heard of it for the first time only recently, when it was featured in one of the dishes we ate at Chez Panisse. But I figured it was worth trying to cook with it.
You basically use it like green onions or leeks, slice/chop the bulb plus the white and light green parts of the stem. It has a much milder taste than regular garlic. I tried mine both chopped and mixed in with mashed potatoes and mixed with cheese as a stuffing for hamburgers. In both situations we really liked it, though I think it’s particularly flavorful when it’s been browned.
Green garlic has a short season in the spring so get it now and give it a try.

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  1. Dilip Naik

    I am a Green Gourmet Garlic grower in Houston,TX. I grow it hydroponically year-ound and its available in Central Market all the time. I can ship overnite if you need it.
    Yes, its great for any dish & chutney.

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